The Home of World Online Racing

Welcome to the home of Online F1 racing on Xbox One. We are a community of racers who meet and race together on a regular basis. We host THREE tiers of racing, WOR Elite, WOR F1 and WOR F2.

We’re currently half way through our fourth season.

The top 4 drivers will be promoted on performance in each division at the end of each season and likewise the bottom 4 drivers will be demoted.

We are always looking for new drivers who can prove to be committed and fair racers. Speed is fantastic, but our fair play philosophy is what the whole online F1 community have come to love about us.

Our current race format is 50% distance, short qualifying, with dynamic weather, full damage, Park Ferme On, Collisions On, Equal Car performance, No Safety Car and Strict Corner Cutting. Although the new F1 2018 may provide us with more options so stay tuned!

In WOR F1 Elite, we only allow the racing line and manual with gear selection. F1 and F2 are all assists other than pit assist. We have a host of drivers running different assists to allow them to battle to the best of their ability.

The best part about WOR? We are a completely democratic league. We achieve this by asking all the drivers to vote on incidents, driver of the day and indeed the whole running and co-ordination of WOR. We have approximately 50-60 drivers and reserve drivers across the three tiers.

We have some NEW tools for you all to be involved in! Start by creating your WOR Profile on here and then pop along to the NEW WOR forums. You can discuss incidents, current topics, cast your votes on various polls and so much more!

We stream all our WOR Elite, WOR F1 and WOR F2 races live on our twitch channel, and we also create highlights of our races and other promotional videos for YouTube and Facebook. See YouTube videos at the top of this page.

We do have rules, these can be found on the Rules page.

We look forward to seeing you on the grid…